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At West Springs Church, we want to include you in some of our amazing opportunities to share kindness, love and the Gospel with the world around us.  Below are some examples of the ongoing ministries in which we would love your help! If any of these options seems like something you want to be a part of, please contact Ryan McDonnell ( and he will get you connected!

Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living Ministry

In this outreach program, you will have the opportunity to serve some of our community’s elderly.  We set up frequent trips to the assisted living center to hang out and celebrate these people’s lives, while also offering a bible study for those who are interested at the center to participate in.

Inside Out Ministry 

This ministry is for those who have the calling to give hope to those who made need a helping hand with some various home projects.  Teams will be set up and sent out to designated homes in our area to lend some extra support towards repairs and other home needs.

Children’s Ministry Volunteer

We are always on the lookout for people with big hearts towards children.  As cliché’ as it sounds, our children are the future and we want to teach them how to lovingly navigate the world in the ways the Christ has shown us through His Word.  If this sounds like you, contact us and we will inform you of the next step.  Being that this ministry does work with children, background checks will be necessary to serve in this ministry.

WIRED Youth Group Volunteer

If you are ready for a high energy environment, full of middle school and high school aged kids, this is the place for you. 

We have mid-weekly services with food, games and teaching and the more people that want to pour into these wonderful students, the better!

Worship Experience Team

This team consists of our musicians and our creative audio/visual types.  We are looking for people that have developed a skill set that is well beyond beginner level for this particular ministry.  This group has has weekly practices and is often called upon for many of the special services this church puts on.  We would love to have you, if this sounds like an area that fits!


These are just a handful of ministry opportunities at WSC.  We have areas to serve all over (ranging from setting up chairs, to backpack ministries and food drives)  if none of these sound like you, contact us and we will help find the right spot or maybe even help you start your own way of serving. 

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